WMDs: Women Of Massive Delusions

| Aunts & Uncles, Cousins

(I’m at my aunt’s house for thanksgiving. I’m listening to one of my uncles (who’s very right-wing) having a talk with his college-age daughter. They are discussing the US invasion of Iraq in 2003.)

Cousin: “What I don’t understand is, why we don’t just, like, take over the whole world? I mean, we’re America!” *laughs*

Uncle: *slightly taken aback* “Well, we could. But if we did, there would probably be a lot of fighting, and a lot of people would die.”

Cousin: “Oh!” *laughs again* “You know, you hear about wars all over the place. Except for Africa. Why don’t they ever have wars in Africa?”

Uncle: *even more taken aback* “Um…well, they do, actually.”

Cousin: *laughs again* “Oh! So, like, what do they do…throw spears at each other?”

(I gulp down the entire glass of wine in my hand, and go to get another large glass. I gulp that one down, too.)

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