Unable To Just Sum It Up

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(At my sister’s family birthday party, my dad is serving ice cream.)

Dad: “Which would you like?”

Aunt: “I’d like some of each.”

Dad: “Okay.” *scooping out some chocolate* “Some of one…”

Me: “How can you have a sum of one?”

Dad: “You know, 0 + 1 equals…?”

Me: “Oh. That makes sense.”

Dad: “You thought I meant a sum of a single number?”

Me: “Yes. That couldn’t happen.”

Dad: “Well, the sum itself is a single number.”

Me: “That’s not what you said though. You said ‘sum of one’.”

Dad: “…with the addends being zero and one.”

Me: “Yes. I already agreed that works.”

(Everyone else in the family is staring at us. At this point they all start laughing.)

Grandpa: “Shush! I want to see what they have to say about ‘some of the other’.”

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