The Daughterhood Of The Virginal Pants

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(I go to homecoming with my boyfriend. We are both virgins. I am very close with my parents, so they knew I am not ready for sex yet. At homecoming, it ends up raining and being cancelled. We end up at my boyfriend’s house, where his mom sees my wet jeans and makes me change into my boyfriends sweat pants. I end up going home still wearing them. I don’t have a license yet, so my dad drives me home, and I am bouncing the entire way there. Finally I get home, and run up the stairs to my mom.)

Me: “Mom! Mom! Guess what! I finally got into my boyfriend’s pants!”

(I show her the sweat pants I’m wearing. My mom bursts out laughing and congratulates me.)

Dad: “You’ve been waiting the entire car ride home to say that haven’t you?”

Me: “Maybe a little.”

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