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(My four-year-old cousin is visiting. She is at that stage where she loves asking “why” about everything. One day, she walks into my room, despite the door being closed, while I’m getting undressed.)

Me: “Hey, [Cousin], what are you doing in here?”

Cousin: “Will you play with me?”

Me: “Okay, but not right now. The door to my room was closed, and do you remember what that means? That means I’m busy.”

Cousin: “Why?”

Me: “Well, when I don’t want to be bothered, I close my door.”

Cousin: “Why don’t you want to be bothered?”

Me: “Because I’m getting dressed.”

Cousin: “But why do you close the door when you’re getting dressed?”

(Frustrated, I decide to use age-appropriate terms to explain.)

Me: “Because I don’t want other people to see my bare bottom!”

Cousin: *struggling to retaliate* “…but why… but…” *giving up* “You said ‘bottom!'”

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