Maybe He Was Just Watching ‘Frozen’

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(I’m at my boyfriend’s house, hanging out with his sister, and her three-year-old son is also in the room watching TV. When my boyfriend is around, his nephew likes to play with me, just so he can steal me away from my boyfriend, so they have this adorable little rivalry over me. My boyfriend and his brother come in, taking a break from yard work.)

Sister: “Hey, aren’t ya gonna kiss your girlfriend?” *makes kissing noises*

Boyfriend: “You know you’re asking for it, right?”

Sister: *still making kissing noises*

Boyfriend: “All right, you asked for it!” *grabs me, dips me and kisses me*

Nephew: *bangs fists on the table* “Noooooo! Stop it! Let her gooooo!”

(We all burst out laughing suddenly, and my boyfriend drops me.)

Boyfriend: “Did he actually say let her go?!”

Me: “Dude, you actually dropped me!”

Boyfriend: “I’m sorry, I didn’t expect… that!”

Sister: “You’ve got a strict chaperone! There will be none of that while my son is around!”

Me: “You told us to!”

Sister: “Of course I did. But [Nephew] won’t have it.”

(We’re still laughing about it whenever we tell that story! Needless to say, his nephew may not remember it, but he’ll never live that down!)


Not A Clothes-Knit Family

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(I have taught myself to knit in the past few years, but have never knitted socks before. I am reading
a book about it to learn how.)

Daughter: “You’re reading a book about knitting socks?! Are you bored?”

Me: “No.”

Daughter: “Are you old?”


Before The Internet Came A Calling

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(My newly licensed 18-year-old son keeps mentioning the possibility of renting a car rather than taking the bus home from or back to school.)

Mama: “Do car rental places even rent to 18 year olds? When I was 20 or 21 I remember calling around to every car rental place in town just to find one that would rent to anyone under 25!”

Son: “Why were you calling?!”

(He knows I hate cold-calling, and will always choose checking a company’s website over calling them.)

Mama: “Kid, you really have no idea how much the world has changed just in your lifetime, do you? Twenty years ago, the Internet was still in it’s infancy, and no businesses were even online! Calling or walking in was the only way to get that info, and I didn’t have a car, so walking in everywhere would have taken all day!”