Pulling Up The Root Of Disobedience

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(Mom and I are having an argument about my homework habits. I am 11 and just getting into gardening.)

Mom: “…and just for talking back, I’m going to ground you for a week!”

Me: “You can’t do that!”

Mom: “Watch me! And if you keep talking, I’m gonna pull up your plants!”

(She goes over to where I have my six baby garlic bulbs that I had planted three weeks ago in a pot.)

Mom: “Well?!”

Me: “…You do that, and I’ll–”

(Without hesitation, she rips up every last plant I had by the roots and throws them at my feet. My brother, who was watching, speaks up. He’s eight.)

Brother: “You shouldn’t have done that, Mom! The plants did nothing. That was… too cruel.”

Mom: *a bit regretfully* “Well… She can plant some new ones. So what? Garlics are easy to come—”

Me: “Oh, yeah?! Oh, yeah?!”

(I march over to Mom’s most prized potted plant. She tries to stop me, but I slip past and grab it.)

Me: “I’m gonna do the same to your plant!”

Mom: “Do that, and you’ll get such a spanking!!”

(I pulled at it, but it didn’t come out, so I tore off its leaves as much as I could. Dad came home from work to find Mom laying into me, my brother trying to pull her off, and plant parts everywhere…)


I’m Just A Poor Boy, From An Awesome Family

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(My husband and I are celebrating Christmas with my sisters, mother, and grandparents. We are a very music loving family and my sisters who are 14 and 16 always break out into song whenever something is said that is or resembles the lyrics of any music they know, which is surprisingly often. When this happens me, my husband and Sister #1 are in the living room.)

Sister #1: *shouting* “Mamma!”

Me: *singing* “ooooOOOoooOOOOh!”

Sister #1: *catching on* “Didn’t mean to make you cry!”

Sister #2: *enters room singing* “If I’m not back this time again tomorrow!”

Me: *singing* “Carry on! Carry on!”

Sister #1: *singing* “As if nothing really matters.”

(At this point I notice my husband sitting there with a bewildered/awestruck look on his face.)

Me: *bursting out into giggles* “What?”

Husband: “I totally married into the right family!”


It Said Its Prayers Now You Raise It Up

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(My mom, sister, and I spot a spider crawling across the floor. I volunteer to kill it and grab the flyswatter.)

Me: *dramatically raising flyswatter over my head* “SAY YOUR PRAYERS!”

(I smack the spider and kill it as my mom and sister crack up at my antics.)

Me: *glancing at squished spider* “Ew. Can you pick it up for me?”

Mom: “No, you do it. You’re the one that told it to say its prayers!”