I Find Your Lack Of IT Skills… Disturbing

| USA | Parents & Guardians

(I’m trying to help my mom figure out how to do something with her computer, but have slowly gotten more and more frustrated as she simply isn’t understanding what I need her to do. As a note, I’m a bit of a geek, while my mom is not.)

Mom: “You must have patience, young padawan.”

Me: “Mom, you don’t even know what a padawan is.”


Every Family Has THAT Uncle

| USA | Aunts & Uncles

(My mom and her brother have recently been reunited, and he is a little, um strange.)

Mom: *sobbing hard* “Oh, [Uncle]! I thought we’d never see you again! Thank goodness you’re alive!”

Uncle: *completely calm* “Yeah… no need to get all worked up. It’s only been 30 years.”

(Later, my uncle brings his big dog to show if off to us.)

Uncle: *proudly* “This is [Dog]! He’s not like the other dogs around. He got balls! Big ones! Wanna see?”

(We stand in shock as my uncle flips over his dog.)

Uncle: “See! See?! Ha ha!”

We: “Um… we see.”

(Thank goodness that he only visits, like, once a decade.)


He Needs Some Potty-Training Too

| Dortmund, Germany | Children, Popular, Spouses & Partners

(We recently started potty-training our daughter. Naturally, accidents happen.)

Husband: “There should be poop-proof kid’s undies!”

Me: “They’re called diapers, dear.”