Shirty With Your Siblings

| Chicago, IL, USA | Siblings

(I run in races, and so often make my own t-shirts for the race. I happen to be at my sister’s house wearing the shirt. My sister, while brilliant, doesn’t quite get computers and technology in general.)

Sister: “Wow, nice shirt! Where’d you get that?”

Me: “I made it myself.”

Sister: “How, you have a t-shirt printing machine?”

Me: “No, I just designed it on the computer and printed it up.”

Sister: “But how’d you get it on the shirt?”

Me: *realizing she has no idea that I used iron-on transfers* “It’s easy. My printer has a t-shirt setting. It allows thicker items like t-shirts to be pushed through, and you can just print right onto the shirt from the computer.”

Sister: “Really? Do all printers have that?” *turns to her husband* “Dear, does our printer do that?”

(My brother-in-law is doing everything he can to not fall to the floor rolling in laughter.)

Sister: “There you guys go again, making fun of me! Stupid computers!”

(As usual, she took it well. To this day, anytime we make up some fictitious computer function, we comment that it’s next to the t-shirt setting on the printer.)

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