They All Look Supernaturally Alike

| CA, USA | Siblings

(My sister is watching a popular Nickelodeon show about teen witches. I am in the kitchen. The two male love interests of the main character, one normal and one a warlock, are arguing. I hear this from the kitchen.)

Normal Love Interest: “Witches, Warlocks, Trolls, Elves, you’re all the same.”

Me: “Wow, racist!”

Genderally Old Fashioned

| Arlington, VA, USA | Parents & Guardians

(I love my mom, but she can be a little bit… old fashioned. Case in point, when a male friend canceled coming to my birthday party:)

Me: “[Male Friend] said he can’t make it to my birthday party.”

Mom: “Well, he was probably flustered at the idea of coming over to a girl’s house. He might think you’re coming onto him.”

(I look at her, shocked. Not only do I go over to his house once a week for DnD, but he knows I have a boyfriend, as they’ve met several times before.)

Me: “Mom… No. Just, no.”

Run, Frodo, Run!

| Canada | Siblings

(I’m chatting with my sister and the challenge I’ve started comes up. I’ve decided to run the distance between Hobbiton to Rivendell from Lord of the Rings by the end of October. It’s 458 miles.)

Sister: “So how are you going to do this?”

Me: “Just running every day. Right now it’s four times week and I’m going to jump to five times a week soon.”

Sister: “I mean how are you going to run there? I mean, that’s a looooong time!”

Me: “I’m seeing how close I can get by the end of October. I’m not doing it all at once! I’m ticking off miles as I go!”

Sister: “Oh! I thought, ‘Do you camp at night? Then run some more?'”

Me: “You thought I was just going to Forrest Gump it and leave [Husband] and [Daughter]?!”