A Weird Purr-sonality

| Italy | Aunts & Uncles, Parents & Guardians

(We’re sitting at the dinner table when my cat jumps on my aunt’s lap, looking for cuddles.)

Aunt: “Ohhh, how cute…”

Uncle: “I do the same when I’m cuddling.”

Mom: “Do you also make the purr-purr sound?”

Uncle: “Yes, but not from my mouth.”

Don’t Answer Back

| Europe | Parents & Guardians

(My mom’s doing a rebus on a magazine and wants to check if it’s correct.)

Me: “Don’t bother with that. The answer is not there.”

Mom: “It’s in the last page.”

Me: “Usually it is but they must have made a mistake. I checked and it wasn’t there.”

Mom: “Yes, it is. Look.”

(Shows me the answer key.)

Me: “It wasn’t there when I read it earlier.”

Still Best Not To Feed Them After Midnight

| England, UK | Siblings

(I’m showing my family my new computer game where you look after fury aliens with big eyes.)

Sister: “They look like Germans.”

(Everyone is confused for a moment.)

Sister: “No, wait. Not Germans, GREMLINS!”