If At First You Don’t Succeed, Go Home And Get Fed

| Norway | Parents & Guardians

(Long story short: The semester is just starting up. I go do some errands after my first seminar on Monday, when I slip on the ice and badly scratch up my knee. Fast forward to Wednesday; I’m on the phone with my mother. Note: I only have classes on Mondays and Thursdays.)

Me: “Mum, I am not happy.”

Mum: “What is it this time?”

Me: “I could have completely avoided injuring my knee, had I just taken the first train back home to [Hometown] instead of going to [Part of University Town where i slipped], which I could have done because I just got an e-mail saying tomorrow’s seminar is cancelled. That’s almost a week without nothing for me to do.”

Mum: “I’m sorry to hear that. But what is the difference between you sitting in bed on your computer in [Hometown], and you sitting in bed on your computer in [University Town]?”

Me: “In [Hometown], I get fed?”

Mum: “It’s just as well you didn’t come home; we just started painting your room. Besides, it doesn’t hurt you to go out among people every now and again.”

Me: “But it did! That’s the point!”

Mum: *laughing* “Oh, right. It did!”

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