Everyone Wants A Driven President

| New York, USA | Parents & Guardians

(My mom and I are on our way home. It is the day of the Presidential debate between Obama and Romney. It is taking place nearby, so a lot of the local roads are blocked. This is making my mom irritated, since she keeps having to find a new route to take.)

Mom: “Why do they need to block so many roads?! Don’t they know how inconvenient this is to us?!”

Me: “Mom, they just want to keep the President as safe as possible. It’s only for today anyways.”

Mom: “I bet it’s because the President is a lousy driver! Can’t go a few miles without hitting something.”

Me: “Mom… you do realize the President doesn’t drive himself to these places, right?”

Mom: *embarrassed* “What? Oh, of course I know that!”

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