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(My grandmother has always been a huge football fan. It always amuses the family to see her, with her curly white hair and spectacles, screaming at the top of her lungs at the football game. I am about 6 years old, my brother is 8, and grandma is watching an important game when my uncle calls.)

Grandma: *to my uncle* “What do you want, make it quick, I’m watching the game! …Yeah, the kids are here… What? No I’m not teaching my grandkids new words…” *suddenly, to the TV* “What the **** are you doing?!”

(She lets out a string of expletives at the bad play, then returns to my uncle.)

Grandma: *to my uncle* “Yes, I’m teaching them new words! Goodbye!” *hangs up*

(My parents brought my brother and me to play in another room for the rest of the game that day.)

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