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Here We Pokémon Go Again, Part 3

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(My boyfriend and I are at his parents’ house when this happens. Both of us are in our mid-20s and are avid Pokémon Go players. Also staying at his parents’ house are some friends of theirs. As we are headed out to play some PoGo, the wife of his parents’ friend stops us, demanding to know what Pokémon ‘is.’)

Wife: “OKAY! WHAT is a Pokémon?”

Boyfriend: *taking out his phone to show her* “Well, it was originally released in the late 90s as a game that you could play on a Gameboy. You remember me being around and playing that when I was a kid, right? Well, it’s now a phone app that you can play in real time and place through geocached data that is coordinated with online maps and GPS location.”

Wife: *impatiently* “Okay but what is Pokémon?! Everyone is talking about Pokémon!”

Boyfriend: *too patiently* “Well, here, let me show you.” *opens app* “Pokémon are little creatures that you capture and collect.”

Wife: *points to Squirtle* “Is that him? Is that Pokémon?”

Boyfriend: *still patiently* “He is a Pokémon. That’s Squirtle; here’s another Pokémon but it’s called Pikachu. There’s a lot of them, 151 to be exact.”

Wife: “That’s a lot! So it’s not Pokémon; it’s Pokémons.”

(By this point my boyfriend’s mom and I were laughing too hard and the woman thankfully lost her focus as she has a very short attention span.)

Here We Pokémon Go Again, Part 2
Here We Pokémon Go Again


You’re On Thin Ice(Cream) Now

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(My mother loves a certain brand of ice cream, but because it is both rather unhealthy and expensive we do not get it very often. Even so, she jokingly asks my dad for some every time he goes to the grocery store.)

Mom: “Did you get what I asked for?”

Dad: “Actually, I did.”

Mom: “YOU DID?! Hurry and go get it!”

(My dad retrieves the ice cream: one tiny quarter cup individual container for each family member, not the typical pints it comes in.)

Mom: “What is this?!”

Dad: *laughing* “I got you ice cream!”

Me: *also laughing* “He is right.”

Mom: “I bet you spent five times as much on those than you would have if you had gotten the normal size.”

Dad: “It was worth every penny to see the look on your face!”


Cat Called Spot

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(I’m sitting in our office, watching a video game stream with my husband. Our cat spends most of her day in the office, only roaming around at night, so my husband, who works from home, sees her more often than I do. Our cat has liked him better from day one. She walks into the office, and watches me from the corner.)

Me: “Does she usually hang out in that corner?”

Husband: *laughs* “No, she usually comes and sits by me, and I pet her. She’s giving you a funny look because you’re sitting in her spot.”

Me: “Well, hate to break it to you, cat, but it was my spot first.”


Do You ‘Like’ Your Marriage?

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(My wife and I are sitting down to watch a movie. As she is setting up the DVD player, I’m playing with my phone.)

Me: “Ugh.”

Wife: “What’s up?”

Me: “Oh, your sister and her Facebook posts.”

Wife: “I know! What is it now?”

Me: “Oh, another sloppy romantic husband and wife comment. They don’t even spend time with each other but online…”

Wife: “Online they are the perfect couple. Did you know last week he refused to pick her up in the rain?”

Me: “Really?”

Wife: “Because the football was on; it took her an hour to get home!”

Me: “Oh, hang on. This is perfect.” *I dart off and return*

Me: “They are over the road at the pub. I can just see them from the upstairs window. They are both staring at their phones not even talking to each other.”

(Of course, whenever the conversation turned to them, life was perfect despite the obvious issues. Years later after much more strife they eventually went to couples counselling, in secret of course.)


Met The Social Quota This Month

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(We have a calendar on the fridge so we can keep track of everyone’s plans. I’ve just updated the calendar and my husband sees it. Every Saturday has something written on it. Some of the events include my sister-in-law’s bridal shower, bachelorette party, and wedding. It sounds be noted that my husband is an introvert, and avoids most social gatherings when he can.)

Husband: “Do we really have something planned for every Saturday this month?”

Me: “Yeah, sorry.”

Husband: *pointing at calendar* “Well, I’m not going to this one, definitely not these two, and not this one!”

(The last one was his sister’s wedding.)

Husband: *laughing* “I’m just kidding. But, I’m not really excited about going.”

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