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The House With The Hot Tin Roof

| PA, USA | Nephews & Nieces

(My aunt owns a bunch of cats. My nephew says this every time we go to visit her.)

Nephew: “We’re going to the cat-house!”


Keeping Easter Sweet, Part 2

| AB, Canada | Children, Nephews & Nieces

(I organize a big Easter hunt for all my nieces and nephews each year at my parents acreage. I hide a ton of treats and toys for each kid, and they have to follow clues to find them all since they are hidden everywhere across 12 acres. Afterwards, the kids sometimes need to be reminded to thank me. I am sitting in the living room, right next to the kitchen where I hear this conversation:)

My Sister: “Did you thank Auntie [My Name] for the Easter hunt and all your treats?”

Three-Year-Old Nephew: “No.”

My Sister: “Go tell Auntie thank you for helping the Easter bunny hide everything, please.”

Three-Year-Old Nephew: *runs past me on the couch to the back door (in the living room), opens the door wide and yells* “HAPPY BIRTHDAY!” *closes it and runs off to play*

My Sister: “You know, some days I wonder about that child…”

Keeping Easter Sweet


Cycle Past Worried And Straight Through To Play

| Long Beach, CA, USA | Nephews & Nieces, Popular

(I’m watching my one-year-old nephew for the weekend, having brought him over sleeping at four am. Trying to catch some sleep I’m woken up around 8:30 hearing what sounds like a motorcycle.)

Nephew: “Vroom, Vroooooom, vrooom, Vroooooooooooom!”

(After several minutes I finally decided to get up to find out who it was when I saw my nephew was awake, sitting up in his bed. He was making the engine noises while he had his arms up in front of him holding an imaginary steering wheel. Apparently the first thing he had done after he woke up in a strange place without his parents was to ride his imaginary motorcycle.)

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