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A Freelection Of His Daddy

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(I’m babysitting my three-year-old nephew when a bird flies into the dining room window.)

Me: *concerned he will be upset* “It’s okay, kiddo. I think the bird flew away.”

Nephew: *calmly and a little condescending* “Daddy told me birds sometimes do that because they see their ‘freelection’ in the glass. Aunt D, why are you laughing?”


Knows Your A-Wing To Y-Wing

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(I bought my youngest niece “Star Wars ABCs” for Christmas when she was three. My brother goes through the pages and points at the characters, each time asking “Who is this?”)

Niece: “Ah-kin!”

Niece: “Bo-ah-feh!”

Niece: “Ceeoh.”

Niece: *deep voice* “Dawth Vaderrr.” *looks up at me* “Dawth Vader BAD GUY.”


They Ape Each Other

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(When my nephew was born, I learned how to make a motorcycle shape out of diapers, socks, bibs, burping cloths, and a bottle. I bought a stuffed monkey to “ride” it. He will now be two years old soon. My sister texts me a picture of my nephew giving the stuffed monkey plastic toy food.)

Sister: “[Nephew] was feeding Monkey breakfast this morning.”

Me: “Proving that little monkeys of different species care for each other!”

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