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This One Is Going To Be A Lawyer

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The Eight Different Types Of Annoying Sibling

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Ah… siblings. No one quite knows how to push your buttons quite as effectively as your brother or sister, and you theirs. You can expect to get different reactions based on the type of sibling the universe has decided to saddle with, so read on and see how many of these types of sibling you have (and which category you fall into yourself!)

#1: Saints In Disguise

The saints in disguise are cunning enough to never let mom and dad see their misbehaviour, coordinating their villainous plots to ensure that the blame  is always passed on to the other sibling. It doesn’t help that they know exactly how to charm any adult around them with cute displays of over-the-top politeness. But little Damien isn’t fooling you, but good luck trying to prove it to Mom and Dad.



The Convenience Of Being Eight

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Losing Your Religion Over It

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