A Step(Mom) Too Far

| Parents & Guardians, Sons & Daughters, Teenagers

(We go into a gas station. My stepmom picks up cigarettes for my dad. I’m 17; my brother is 16, and my stepmom about 26.)

Clerk: “I need to see some ID.”

Stepmom: *hands over ID* “I’m their mom, you know.”

Clerk: *looks at ID, then at her* “No you’re not!”

Stepmom: “Yes I am.”

Clerk: *looking at me* “How old are you?”

Me: “17.”

Clerk: *looks at my stepmom again* “No you’re not!”

Stepmom: “Yes I am.”

Me: *giggling* “She’s our stepmom.”

Stepmom: “I’ve had them since they were 9.”

Clerk: *looking horrified* “You had them when you were 9!?”

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