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Losing Badly In This Currency Exchange

| VIC, Australia | Siblings

(We are having dinner, talking about holidays we’ve been on. Note that Tasmania is a state of Australia, that we’ve been to almost every country mentioned, and that my sister is 16.)

Me: “[Sister], do you remember what the currency in Indonesia was?”

Sister: “Was it rupees?”

Me: “Nope, it was rupiah.”

Sister: “That’s what I said. Rupee is for one of them, rupiah is the plural.”

Me: “Um, no! They’re different currencies; rupee is Indian, and rupiah is Indonesian.”

Sister: “Really?”

Me: “Yes! Not every country in Asia has the same currency.”

Sister: “Well, we share money with other countries, like New Zealand.”

Me: “… New Zealand has a different currency to us.”

Sister: “No, they use dollars, and so do we! The same money.”

Me: “You’re wrong. Next you’ll be saying that just because America has dollars, that that is the same as our dollars!”

Sister: *in a small voice* “They’re not?”

Me: *speechless*

Sister: *in amazed realization* “Does this mean that places like Tasmania have a different currency, too?”

Me: “I don’t know if it was you or your school, but something went terribly wrong.”

My Dragonsister, Part 2

| Australia | Parents & Guardians, Siblings

(My sister and I play Dungeons and Dragons with our dad acting as dungeon master. I am a fighter and my sister is a cleric, but she’s been dabbling in certain ninja-escapist techniques in her spare time. This happens after we defeat a major enemy. She has several new heavy damage scrolls, and we almost immediately run into what looks to be a werewolf in the next room.)

Sister: *panics* “I’m climbing the wall now.”

Dad: *dice roll* “Success. You’re now clinging to the upper part of the wall.”

Me: “What are you doing? Ugh, well, I’ll attack it… [Sister], GET DOWN.”

Sister: “No.”

(I deal some damage to the werewolf, narrowly avoiding a bite.)


Dad: “That would mean leaving the wall…”

Sister: “No way! Don’t you know there’s a werewolf down there!?”

(Family shouldn’t D&D together. The amount of times we’ve threatened to let each other die…)

My Dragonsister

Age Inappropriate Material

| Toronto, ON, Canada | Siblings, Sons & Daughters

(I happen to overhear this bit of conversation between my two eldest sons, age 14 and 16.)

Oldest Son: “Hey, don’t tell [their two younger siblings] that! It’s… it’s…inappropriate!”

Second Son: “Why not? I knew that when I was their age!”

Oldest Son: “Yes, and look how you turned out!”

It’s A Touchy Subject

| Hartley Wintney, England, UK | Parents & Guardians

(We’re at the dinner table. Whilst eating, we listen to music from what was my step-mother’s iPod and has since been taken over by one of my brothers. My brother has repeatedly been listening to this band all day, which I don’t particularly like but can normally deal with. He puts it on again and I have had enough of it.)

Me: “No, not them again.”

Brother #1: “But they’re good.”

Me: “In your opinion. Can we have something else?”

Step-Mum: “Give me the iPod, I’ll choose something I like for once.”

(My brother hands my step-mum the iPod. There’s a pause then.)

Brother #2: “It’s not a touch screen, mum.”

Step-Mum: *blushes* “I knew that.”

(She resumes looking and again.)

Brother #2: “It’s not a touch screen! I just told you!”

Step-Mum: “…shut up!”

Taking A Break From Breakfast

| CO, USA | Parents & Guardians

(I am eating some ice cream in the morning when my dad walks in.)

Dad: “Are you eating ice cream for breakfast?”

Me: “No, I am eating ice cream WITH breakfast.”

Dad: “Oh, yeah? And what are you having for breakfast?”

Me: “Haven’t gotten that far yet.”

No More Single Ladies

| IL, USA | Parents & Guardians, Siblings

(My mom is joking around with me and my sister.)

Sister: “Mom, you’re such a dork!”

Mom: “I’m married! I can be a dork if I want.”

Sister: “Tell that to Beyonce.”

Mom: “Who’s Beyonce? Do you go to school with her?”

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