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    October Theme Of The Month: Halloween!

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    Going Through A Creative Cycle

    | Tulalip, WA, USA | Parents & Guardians

    (Our relatives find themselves short on seat belts for a trip to the fair, and call up my parents to transport some of the group and enjoy the fair with them. As we’re looking up prices:)

    Dad: “Ten bucks to park? It’s gonna cost me more than twenty bucks just to get in the place!”

    Me: “Hey, it’s only five bucks if you take a motorcycle.”

    Mom: “How are we gonna fit two kids on a motorcycle?”

    Me: “Creatively?”

    Magic Mike: Extra Extra Gross

    | TN, USA | Siblings

    (My sister, mom, and I have finished watching the new ‘Magic Mike XXL’ movie and we are in the car. We are discussing some of our favorite scenes when my sister brings up:)

    Sister: “Could you imagine dad dancing like that to mom?”

    Me: “We are all still related. Please stop. Why did you bring that up?”

    Mom: “Just chuckling.”

    Sister: “Well, can you picture your husband dancing like that?”

    Me: “No, definitely not. But still don’t bring up Dad. That is just too weird.”

    Mom: “I wouldn’t mind if he did.”

    Me and Sister: “Eww!”

    You Can’t Make This Up

    | OK, USA | Parents & Guardians

    (I have recently moved from North Carolina to Oklahoma because of my mom remarrying. As a result of her marriage, I now have a 14-year-old stepsister and an 8-year-old stepbrother. This little gem is the result of a conversation about why I can’t wear makeup.)

    Me: “Actually, I can’t wear makeup. I’m allergic to it.”

    Stepbrother: “That’s stupid!”

    Me: “Tell that to my biology.”

    Stepbrother: “Is that in North Carolina or something?”

    Don’t Have A Cow

    | Bateman's Bay, NSW, Australia | Siblings

    (We’re sitting around after finishing dinner and waiting for the bill. To pass time, I decide to make some jokes about cows.)

    Little Sister: “What do you call a cow who can’t speak?”

    Me: “Moot!”

    Little Sister: “What do you call a cow who has different emotions every other second?”

    Me: “Moody!”

    Little Sister: “What do you call a cow with no wings?”

    Me: “Hmm… I don’t know. What do you call one?”

    Little Sister: “A cow, still.”

    When Cooking Use Grease Lightning

    | Allentown, PA, USA | Grandparents, Parents & Guardians

    (A thunderstorm blows in and somehow the conversation gets to weather.)

    Mom: “Thunder is caused by lightning. It can’t exist without it.”

    Grandmother: “No, it’s not.”

    Mom: “Um… yes, it is.”

    Grandmother: “Well, I don’t believe that.”

    Mom: “Why not?”

    Grandmother: “Because there’s lightning without thunder all the time!”

    Mom: “Yes, and that’s because light travels differently than sound. When you see lightning but don’t hear thunder, that’s because you’re too far away to hear it, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t there.”

    Grandmother: “Oh, I forgot, YOU went to school!”

    Mom: “…So did you.”

    Grandmother: “No, I meant you went to college, so now you’re somehow smarter than me!”

    Mom: “I wasn’t aware that they taught us about the weather at culinary school.”

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