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Ageing Oddly Evenly

| England, UK | Parents & Guardians

(My mum and I are getting ready to go out. Somehow, the subject gets onto lengths of time.)

Me: “I measure time by how old I am. I mean, right now, I’m twelve!”

Mum: “[My Name]…”

Me: “Wait, no! I’m fourteen!”

Mum: “You’re starting college on Monday.”

Me: “S***! Sixteen!”

Mum: “I feel so young!”

Hot And Sour Cooking Skills

| NV, USA | Parents & Guardians

(I’m a teenager who hasn’t had much experience cooking, but I make a large pot of soup for my family. I’m very proud of the result.)

Mom: “Wow, you did a really good job! I should have you cook every now and again. It would really help out!”

(The following day, a gathering of family friends come over. My mom brings out the soup; but it looks very thin.)

Mom: “[My Name] made this soup! It’s so good!”

(As my mom brags, everyone digs in, only to wince at the first spoonful. The soup tastes like nothing but pepper, so much so that it actually hurts my mouth. We all painfully eat the soup while our guests silently stare at me.)

Mom: “Well, this is one of her first tries… She’s still learning!”

Me: *sheepishly* “This isn’t my soup… I swear, it tasted good yesterday…”

(My mom had added water to the soup in an effort to stretch it further, and then since the flavor was lost, she tried to add more seasoning to it… too much. Family friends always praised my mom for her good cooking, but they didn’t know about all of her kitchen mishaps.)

More Birds Than Bees

| IN, USA | Sons & Daughters

(A friend is explaining how she gave her oldest son ‘the talk.’ She believes in being upfront, but not pushing it, so she answers her son’s questions as he asks them. He’s about five, and is wondering because she’s pregnant.)

Son: So, when you have a baby is it hard for the baby to get out of the shell because it doesn’t have a beak? And doesn’t the egg hurt coming out of you?

Getting Ol’ Mikey A Gift


Falling Sibling Standards

| USA | Siblings

(My parents are somewhat neglectful of my sisters and me, so as the oldest child, I matured quite quickly. Despite being only a few years older than my sisters, I often act as a parent to them, and they tend to come to me for advice. On this day, we’re on a bike ride, and they’re being a bit troublesome. We come to the top of a steep hill when this occurs.)

Sister #1: “Race you to the bottom!”

Sister #2: “Okay!”

Me: “Guys, be careful. You’re going to fall if you go that fast.”

Sister #1: “Nuh-uh! We’re gonna be fine.”

(Both take off at top speed.)


(I start to follow them, and suddenly hear a loud crash from around the bend. Upon reaching the source of the noise, I see them on the ground, their bikes lying near them on the trail.)

Me: “I told you…”

Sister #2: “Well, how were we supposed to know you would be right?!”

Not Feline This Food

| Hamilton, New Zealand | Parents & Guardians

Mum: “The cat thinks we have got something more delicious than what’s in her bowl.”

Me: “Well, would you eat the cat’s food?”

Mum: “Only if I was desperate.”

Me: “That’s probably what the cat thinks all the time.”

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