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    They Obviously Haven’t Seen Memento

    | Northern Ireland, UK | Siblings

    (My brother and I are heading to school, and our mum is driving us. My brother and I watched ‘Shaun of the Dead’ the night before.)

    Brother: “We watched it from halfway through to the end. Then we switched to another channel, and it was on there too!”

    Mum: “Really?”

    Brother: “Yeah, it had just started. And it was going from the start of the movie!”

    Me: “Movies always go from the start of the movie, idiot!”

    Teach A Boy To Like Fish…

    | WA, USA | Children, Parents & Guardians, Siblings

    (My family is sitting down to dinner.)

    Brother: “I don’t like salmon.”

    Second Brother: “Me neither.”

    Dad: “What? What kind of weirdoes are you?”

    Me: “It tastes better if you dip it in ketchup.”

    Mom: “Question asked, question answered.”

    Papa And Pups

    | Saarbrücken, Germany | Parents & Guardians, Pets & Animals

    (My sister, her daughter and I are sitting in my sister’s car. We want to go for a walk in the park, and we’re waiting for my sister’s husband to bring the dog from her garden.)

    Daughter: “Why aren’t we going? What are we waiting for?”

    Mother: “Don’t you think there’s someone missing?”

    Daughter: “No?”

    Mother: “Can’t you guess? He’s very small.”

    Daughter: “Uh…”

    Mother: “He’s also really, really hairy, and when he gets wet he smells like wet dog.”

    Daughter: *slaps her forehead* “Of course! It’s Dad!”

    That’s What Makes Her Beautiful

    | CA, USA | Siblings

    (I’m chatting with my sister, who is in high school, while I’m away at college. She is a huge One Direction fan, while I can’t stand their music. She has been confessing insecurities to me lately, and I’ve been trying to convince her she has nothing to worry about.)

    Sister: “I just… I feel so depressed about this.”

    Me: “You know what, I didn’t want to have to do this, but you leave me no choice.”

    Sister: “What?!”

    Me: “You’re insecure…”

    Sister: “Yeah, so?”

    Me: “I don’t know what for…”

    Sister: “Huh?”

    Me: “Seriously, you turn heads when you walk through the door.”

    Sister: “No, I don’t.”

    Me: “You honestly don’t need any makeup to cover up.”

    Sister: “Wait…”

    Me: “Being the way that you are is totally enough.”

    Sister: “Oh my God, I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!”

    Simple Genderalisation

    | Canada | Grandparents, LGTBQ

    (I was a home birth at my Grandparent’s house; not a hospital. I was born around six in the morning. My Nana is telling me of how my three-year-old brother woke them up with the news.)

    Nana: “…so he rushes in and starts yelling ‘I’ve got a baby brother! I’ve got a baby brother!’. Then your dad comes in and says, ‘No you don’t, you’ve got a baby SISTER!’.”

    (I am nodding, having heard this story before.)

    Nana: *smiling* “Well, I guess he was right after all, wasn’t he?”

    (This is our first conversation after I come out to her as transgender. My Nana is the best!)

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