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    Elementanacanary, My Dear Watson

    | Miami, FL, USA | Siblings

    (My sister and I are discussing TV shows we like.)

    Sister: “…and then there’s that Sherlock guy; what’s his name? Balthasar Cucumbersandwich?”

    Me: “You mean Benedict Cumberbatch?”

    Sister: “I hear no difference.”

    Shirty With Your Siblings, Part 2

    | IA, USA | Siblings

    (My brother and I are both wearing our dad’s softball team’s shirt the day of a game. My brother looks me up and down, and then looks at his shirt.)

    Brother: “Well, one of us is going to have to change, and I was wearing it first.”

    Shirty With Your Siblings

    Prison Changed Him

    | UT, USA | Parents & Guardians, Siblings

    (I’m sitting at home, and get a phone call from one of my brothers.)

    Brother: “Hey, if you’re stuck in jail, what do you need to get out?”

    Me: “Umm, some dynamite to blow up the walls, because I’m not smart enough to sneak out.”

    Brother: “Okay, and after that what do you need?”

    Me: “Probably a getaway car, and maybe a phone.”

    Brother: “And some money, too, right?”

    Me: “Yeah, I guess. Why?”

    (My brother explains that he’s getting our mom’s birthday present ready. When asked what she wanted, she said a million dollars, and a way out of prison. For her present, he hid a metal file in her cake, and put together an escape kit that had a birthday card, some chocolate, a passport, and a thousand dollars. Apparently he owes her money. My mom’s birthday comes around, and she is opening her present.)

    Mom: “That’s a lot of money. It can’t be real!”

    Brother: “No, it is.”

    Mom: “Well, take it back! I don’t need all of it.”

    (After explaining to her where the money came from, she finally stops trying to give the money back.)

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    Missing The Hole Dynamic

    | Portland, OR, USA | Children, Siblings, Top

    (My sister is eight years old, and I am five. To try to get us to sit quietly during long car trips, our parents have put a set of stackable bins filled with toys between us on the back seat. I discover that my pinky finger will fit in the peg hole for the top bin. My sister, thanks to sibling rivalry, has decided that she wants to do the same thing, but not in the peg holes closest to her. The car pulls up to a drive-thru window, and the cashier leans out to take payment.)

    Me: “Mom! [Sister] keeps sticking her finger in my hole!”

    Cashier: *looks horrified*

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