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    (My sister, about 14 at the time and with a formidable vocabulary, is testing out one of my mom’s recipes. My mom and I play are playing a game in the other room.)

    Sister: *calling from the kitchen* “Hey, Mom! What’s a zero-blong pan?”

    Mom: “A what?”

    Sister: “A zero-blong pan. That’s what you wrote down on the recipe card. I need to put the ingredients in a zero-blong pan and bake it in the oven.”

    (Mom and I look at each other for a minute, then it hits both of us at the same time.)

    Mom: “Do you mean an oblong pan?”

    Sister: “…Oblong?”

    Me: “Yeah, the rectangle one with the rounded edges?”

    Sister: “I thought it was a zero.”

    (To this day, when she’s baking we’ll ask her if she needs a zero-blong pan.)