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    Category: Siblings

    The Show’s Not Finished And Neither Is He

    | USA | Children, Siblings

    (My little brother and I are getting ready to go to school. The year is 1997.)

    Brother: “Mom, I don’t want to go to school! I’ll miss my TV shows!” *cries*

    Mom: “Don’t worry. I’ll ask your older sister to tape your show so you can watch it after school.” *to me* “Would you tape his show for him?”

    Me: “Fine, whatever!”

    Brother: “Make sure you tape it all! I want to see everything!”

    (I set the VCR. Later, after school, my little brother makes a beeline for the living room, plops himself straight in front of the TV. I sigh, and then rewind and press play.)

    Brother: *watching as show pops up* “Yay!”

    (I go. 30 minutes later, I walk by the living room TV.)

    Me: “Still watching?”

    Brother: “Uh huh.” *watching show intently*

    Me: “Huh, it should be over by now. It’s a half an hour show. Well, you have to go soon because I w—”

    (Just then, the show freezes, plays dramatic music and the words ‘To Be Continued’ flash across the screen. Then the show ends, and my brother squeaks in horror.)

    Brother: “WHAT?! THAT’S IT?!” *turns to me accusingly* “You taped it wrong!”

    Me: “No, stupid. It said ‘to be continued.’ That means it was only one part! The next part is tomorrow!”

    (My brother didn’t believe me and started to cry loudly. Even today, he still accuses me of taping his show wrong when I bring it up during family dinners!)

    Super Deforming Siblings

    | USA | Siblings

    (My brother is reading manga on the computer, and I’m looking over his shoulder.)

    Me: “Reading Japanese comics?”

    (I point to a girl with one eye closed and one open.)

    Me: “Why is she winking?”

    Brother: “She’s not winking. She’s wincing in pain.”

    Me: “Oh. Why is that guy crying?”

    Brother: “He’s not crying! That’s sweat drops!”

    Me: “But why is it under his eye? When eyes sweat that’s called crying. Isn’t it?”

    Brother: “I don’t know. Go away. You’re bothering me!” *pushes me out*

    Darjeeling, I Choose You!

    | Salo, Finland | Siblings

    (Both me and my brother are avid tea drinkers. I happened to find a neat tea ball in a shop and bought it to him as a gift.)

    Brother: “What’s this?”

    Me: “A tea ball.”

    Brother: “Oh cool. Now I can capture British Pokémon!”

    Don’t Stop Until You Pop

    | San Antonio, TX, USA | Siblings

    (I have recently bought a small, two-kid maximum bouncy house for my daughter’s birthday. It has a maximum weight limit of 250 lbs. My brother is a large guy and is asking to borrow it.)

    Brother: “I have a date tomorrow night. Can I please borrow the bouncy house? I promise we won’t pop it!”

    Me: “If you don’t pop it, you’re not doing it right!”

    They Get Double Lives

    | CA, USA | Siblings, Themed Giveaway

    (My twin and I have a few stories up on this site, and we are reading them and giggling.)

    Sister: *laughing* “God, I love us so much!”

    (Suddenly she grabs me and stares at me intensely.)

    Sister: *serious voice* “You are not allowed to die.”

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