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    Category: Siblings

    An Unexpected Reading Topic

    | Newark, DE, USA | Siblings, Theme Of The Month

    (My sister has just started another semester of college. She is an English major and therefore is taking classes that cover a wide variety of literary genres including non-fiction, fantasy, and autobiographies such as Benjamin Franklin’s. She’s also taking a course on Israeli films.)

    Sister: *bursts into room* “[My Name], Hiroshima, Hobbits, or Franklin?” *she asks as if this is an urgent decision*

    Me: “Hmm…”

    Sister: “Or Israel?”

    Me: “Hobbits.”

    Sister: “Hobbits?”

    Me: “Yes. Hobbitses.”

    Sister: “Okay.” *walks off to start on one of her assigned reading topics*

    Me: “I love that I know exactly what you’re talking about!”

    If The Shoe Fits…

    | USA | Siblings

    (My little sister is extremely open-minded, and also tends to say random things. She is currently trying on some new shoes.)

    Sister: *puts two different types of shoes on* “Hey, these look kinda cute together… like a couple! A shoe couple! Aww, they’re probably in love.” *holds them next to each other* “Don’t they make the cutest boyfriend and girlfriend? Oh, wait. They’re both girls’ shoes – does that mean they’re both girls? So they’re actually girlfriends!”

    Me: “What the h***!? Did you just comment on the sexual orientation of your SHOES?”

    Sister: “Yep. They’re such a perfect couple.”

    Me: “Dude, they’re shoes…”

    This Search Is Not In The Bag

    | WV, USA | Siblings

    Sister: “Has anybody seen the laundry bag?”

    (Mom and I go to help her look. About a minute passes.)

    Me: “You know, the thought occurs that I’m looking for something that I’m not entirely sure what it looks like.”

    Pet Hate

    | USA | In-Laws, Nephews & Nieces, Siblings

    (My brother and his family are preparing to move for his new job. His two boys are five and almost two.)

    Nephew: “Mom, are we keeping the bird cage?”

    Sister-In-Law: “Yes, why?”

    Nephew: “Good, because if I catch a bird, it can be our other pet. Then we can have two pets.”

    Sister-In-Law: “Two pets? What other pet do we have?”

    Nephew: “[Younger Brother].”

    Missed The Boat On This Opportunity

    | Sydney, NSW, Australia | Siblings

    Brother: “I went halves in a boat with [Sister].”

    Me: “You are a f****** idiot”

    Brother:  ”Uh, that’s what [Other Sister] said.”

    Me: “She’s got no money. Where did she get it from?”

    Brother: “I lent it to her. She’s paying me back”

    Me:  ”Let me rephrase it. You are a mega-f***ing idiot”.

    (He soon learned his lesson. Whenever he wanted to take it out, she claimed she was using it that day. Even though she never used it she wouldn’t let him store it under cover at his place; it sat and rotted in all weather at her’s. Last time I saw it was when it was being towed down the road on flat tires behind a strange van. She claimed that she sold it back to the original owners for the same price they paid. I never asked my brother if he actually got his money back.)

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