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    Home-Baked Movie Quotes

    | MN, USA | Siblings

    (My brother, mom, and I are in the car. My brother is eating a homemade sandwich which happens to have a lot of flour sprinkled on it. We both have watched Mean Girls but my brother does not like it; however, I do.)

    Brother: “There’s so much flour on this bread! It’s getting everywhere.”

    Mom: “Well, they want the bread to look more artisan.”

    Brother: “Ugh! Why is this bread so white?”

    Me: “Oh, my god, [Brother], you can’t just ask bread why it’s white!”

    Brother: *stops eating and stares at me* “You did NOT.”

    Me: “I did.”

    Wipe The Floor With You

    | CA, USA | Siblings

    (My brother has just lost two very tiny screws and is now searching for them. His room is carpeted. He has just walked out of his closet with a large and very strong magnet.)

    Brother: “This is it, floor. Today is your day of reckoning.”

    I Have A Background In Defunct Websites

    | Newark, DE, USA | Siblings

    (My sister and I are browsing the kids’ section at a retail store. She spots a bright, multi-colored girls’ winter jacket covered in stars, nebulas, and other cosmic designs.)

    Sister: “Wow! That coat looks like somebody’s MySpace background threw up on it.”

    Red-Hot Romance

    | UT, USA | Boyfriends & Girlfriends, Siblings

    (I am dating a boy with rust-colored hair. He is the youngest in his family, which otherwise consists entirely of people with dark brown hair, and the next youngest sibling is twenty years older than him.)

    Me: “You’re a natural redhead?”

    Boyfriend: “Yes!”

    Me: “But everyone else in your family is dark-haired… That is strange.”

    Boyfriend: “Well, my parents waited twenty years after my brother to have me, so they got a little rusty at it.”

    Meet The Crispy Family

    | KY, USA | Siblings

    (My sister is making breakfast for our mom, me, and our brother. Mom loves her bacon well-cooked almost to the point of being burned. My sister is finishing mom’s bacon and this happens.)

    Sister: “Mom likes her bacon like she likes her children!”

    Me: “Crispy?”

    Sister: “I was going to say ‘in threes’!”

    Mom: “I was thinking crispy, too!”

    Sister: “WELL!”

    (We all had a pretty good laugh about it.)

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    His Comments Are Way ‘Off’

    | CA, USA | Siblings

    (My brother sends me a text wanting to hang out.)

    Brother: “Hey, [My Name], you off today?”

    Me: “[Brother], I’m currently unemployed. I’m off EVERY day.”

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