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    Blood Is Thicker Than Honesty

    | KS, USA | Parents & Guardians, Sons & Daughters

    (My mom and I walk into a store together, talking to each other. We look very much alike. A woman is by the entrance and this is our encounter with her.)

    Woman: “My! Are you two related?!”

    (My mom and I look at each other and laugh.)

    Mom: “No! We just met right outside the store!”

    Me: “You don’t really think we look related, do you?”

    Woman: “That’s so funny! You look so much alike! Now that I’ve had more time, I can see that you’re not related though.”

    Mom: “How can you tell?”

    Woman: “Well, she’s taller than you, your hair is darker, and your features are different. Anyway, I better get back to shopping!”

    (We are browsing racks when I find a top I like.)

    Me: “Mom! Look at this!”

    Mom: “I like it!”

    Woman: *from other side of store* “I knew it! You lying liars of lies for lying!”

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