This Is Your Pond Life

| Wales, UK | Parents & Guardians, Siblings

(It’s Christmas day. Due to the high volume of rain recently, my mum’s discovered that the lawn is completely waterlogged. There’s a pond in the garden and the artificial bottom has risen to the top due to a large water bubble. My mother decides that the way to fix this is for my sister and me to go stand in the pond to cause the water to go out the sides. We tell her this won’t work but she’s adamant. As we walk to the pond:)

Me: “[Sister]?”

Sister: “Yeah?”

Me: “I just wanna say: this is going to suck.”

(Amid much protesting, my sister and I go into the pond. To the surprise of nobody, the only thing that happens is that my sister and I get wet and grumpier. As we get out:)

Me: “[Sister]?”

Sister: “Yeah?”

Me: “I was right. That sucked.”

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