This Is Fruitless

| London, England, UK | Parents & Guardians, Siblings

(We’ve just eaten a large roast meal, and are all lounging around while my mother sorts out some dessert. She comes into the living room and starts talking to my 12-year old brother.)

Mum: “Do you want some apple danish?”

Brother: *looks up* “What flavour is it?”

Mum: “Well, it’s apple danish.”

Brother: “Yeah, but what flavour is it?”

Mum: “Listen to me. It’s apple danish. Apple. Danish.”

Brother: *angrily* “But what flavour is it?”

(My stepdad and I are beside ourselves trying not to laugh at this point.)

Mum: “It’s APPLE danish.”

Brother: “What flavour is it?!”

Mum: yelling “Its blackcurrant!”

Brother: “Oh no, I don’t like that.”

(Later that evening, he saw the left over apple danish and got upset that no one had offered him any.)

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