The Rightings On The Wall

| MI, USA | Parents & Guardians, Theme Of The Month

(I am on the phone, helping my mother post on a social networking website’s wall. She is trying to leave a picture on my boyfriend’s wall for his birthday. I have already walked her through the steps of getting the HTML copied for the picture, and have now directed her to his wall to leave the post.)

Me: “Okay, mom. So now you right click, then click ‘paste’ and then hit the button to post it.”

Mom: “I don’t see paste.”

Me: “Try again. Right click, then select paste, then hit post.”

Mom: “Okay, I hit post, but I don’t think it worked.”

Me: “Did the picture show up?”

Mom: “No, let me try again.”

(I again walk her through the steps, trying not to get frustrated. I am 900 miles away, so I can’t just go and show her how.)

Mom: “Okay, I hit post. Go to his page and tell me if it worked.”

(I proceed to go to his page. I see two posts on his wall, and what do the say? ‘CLICK’.)

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