Stuck On A Dry Cycle

| USA | Aunts & Uncles

(My dad is visiting my aunt, uncle, and cousins in Seattle, WA. I’m currently attending college in Pennsylvania.)

Uncle: *texts picture of my dad and himself standing on a ferry. It’s clearly raining* “Beautiful day for a ride on the ferry!”

Me: “Ha. It’s 65 degrees and sunny where I am.”

Uncle: “Yeah, but you don’t have a ferry, do you?”

Me: “I have a bike.”

Uncle: “Good luck getting across the water on that.”

(He has me there.)

Red To Keep You In The Black

| Cape Cod, MA, USA | Siblings

(My youngest sister is away at graduate school overseas and starts IMing me.)

Sister: “I need to back up my data and get it from my old laptop to a new computer. You’re the best at computery stuff. Can you help me?”

Me: “Sure.” *we go over various options*

Sister: “Okay, so it looks like I want the portable HDD, rather than the thumb drive.”

Me: “The best option is probably this one, then.” *link*

Sister: “Looks good! Just have it shipped to Mom and I’ll get it when I’m home at Christmas.”

Me: “They have it available in different colors, which one would you prefer?”

Sister: “Cheap.”

Me: “…”

Sister: “You expected something different from a daughter of [Dad]?”

Me: “No. They’re all the same price.”

Sister: “Oh. In that case, red.”

They’re Losing It

, | Australia | Spouses & Partners, Trigger Story

(Our house in general, has a lot of “stuff” that gets left lying around, which makes it easy to lose things. I’m generally good at knowing where this lost stuff is, but my fiancé, not so much. I receive this text:)

Fiancé: *text* “After years of dedicated detective work, a decade of heartbreak and struggle, hundreds of hours of interrogation, the open case of the missing wallet was finally closed. The culprit…? A shopping bag sitting next to the washing basket.”

(It had been five days.)


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Halloween Needs Another Five Minutes

| Israel | Parents & Guardians

(I’m visiting my ex-in-laws in Israel and will return the day before my favorite holiday.)

Me: *in a text to my mother in USA* “Did you get the zombie makeup for [My Daughter]?”

Mom: *in text* “It’s four am here!”

Me: “Oh, sorry! But did you get it? Also, can you grab us pumpkins to carve?”

Mom: “Seriously?!”

Me: “Yes.”

(I take Halloween seriously.)

You’re Chemically Imbalanced

| USA | Siblings

(I live in a different state than my family. My father and little brother are traveling by car to visit my granny who lives in a different state. I have been texting my father, trying to find out if they have made it there safely. He has not answered, so I text my brother, and this is the conversation:)

Me: “Y’all there yet?”

Brother: “Not yet. We’re a little less than an hour away though.”

Me: “Potassium.”

Brother: “What?”

Me: “What is the chemical representation of potassium on the periodic table?”

Brother: “It’s ‘K.'”

Me: “Potassium.”

Brother: “Yes, potassium=’K.'”

Me: “So I asked if y’all are there yet. You said that you are almost there. I reply POTASSIUM.”

Brother: “I’m throwing you away.”

(An hour later:)

Brother: “We made it!”

Me: “Potassium.”

Brother: “I’m giving you away…”

(I think I just realized why my family calls me a nerd…)

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