All Talking Bull

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Me: “Mummy, you’re much stronger than me or [Brother]! You’re strong.” *in very fake Eastern European accent* “Like bull!”

(This becomes a running gag in the family leading to moments like…)

Me: “Mum is strong like bull!”

Brother: “Clever like bull!”

Me: “Eye like eagle.”

Brother: “No, eye like bull! Is why they call it ‘bull’s eye’!”

(And after a broken arm…)

Me: “So you’re not as strong as you usually are, which means it’s more like ‘Mummy, strong like calf.’”

(And after figuring out that there’s a second part to the joke…)

Me: “Mummy, strong like bull, smart like tractor!”

(The last was her favourite by far.)


Young Children Are Full Of Spirit

, | USA | Children, Nephews & Nieces, Popular

(My sister and I are quite religious. She mentions that she had read a story in a church magazine to my two-year-old nephew about a little boy who was scared of the monsters in his closet, so he prayed for the Holy Ghost to help him.)

Sister: “The problem is, he thinks the monsters were scared of the Holy Ghost.”

Nephew: *repeating* “Scary Holy Ghost!”

Sister: “No! It’s not scary.”

Me: “He’s not scary. He’s my friend!”

(My nephew gives us incredulous looks, then runs around the playground.)

Nephew: “Woot woot! I’m the scary Holy Ghost! I’m gonna come get you!”

(He then starts stomping around, looking very menacing and laughing maniacally. )


Holy Cod

| NS, Canada | Sons & Daughters, Spouses & Partners

(My husband points out to my son that a building close to our house has been completely torn down.)

Son: “Holy Mackerel!”

Husband: “Do you know what a mackerel is, son?”

Son: “It’s like mackerel and cheese.”

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