Young Children Are Full Of Spirit

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(My sister and I are quite religious. She mentions that she had read a story in a church magazine to my two-year-old nephew about a little boy who was scared of the monsters in his closet, so he prayed for the Holy Ghost to help him.)

Sister: “The problem is, he thinks the monsters were scared of the Holy Ghost.”

Nephew: *repeating* “Scary Holy Ghost!”

Sister: “No! It’s not scary.”

Me: “He’s not scary. He’s my friend!”

(My nephew gives us incredulous looks, then runs around the playground.)

Nephew: “Woot woot! I’m the scary Holy Ghost! I’m gonna come get you!”

(He then starts stomping around, looking very menacing and laughing maniacally. )


Holy Cod

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(My husband points out to my son that a building close to our house has been completely torn down.)

Son: “Holy Mackerel!”

Husband: “Do you know what a mackerel is, son?”

Son: “It’s like mackerel and cheese.”

Star Wars: Holiday Special

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(Christmas cookies are starting to put in an appearance in shops, leading me to sing a carol to my brother.)

Me: “Tis the season to eat cookies,

Fa la la la la la la la la.

Brought on trays by lots of Wookies,

Fa la la la la la la la la.”

Brother: “Now you’ve captured the true spirit of Christmas.”

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