Giving Your Parents A Dressing Down

| Virginia Beach, VA, USA | Grandparents, Parents & Guardians, Popular

(My family and I are in Virginia Beach for my grandparents’ 30th anniversary. We are getting ready to go to where they are renewing their vows, and my parents are insisting that we dress up.)

Me: *as my dad is tying my tie* “Why do I have to dress up? Why can’t I just wear a nice polo and some khakis or something?”

Dad: “Because we are pretty much going to a wedding, so we need to dress up.”

Me: *reluctantly* “Okay.”

(We go out into the hall to wait for my grandparents, after a few minutes my grandpa comes out wearing EXACTLY what I described.)

Grandpa: *completely serious* “What are you guys so dressed up for?”

Me: *gives my parents an “I told you so!” look*


The Dookie’s Of Hazard

| FL, USA | Parents & Guardians, Siblings

(There’s no smoking in the hotel rooms, so my mom’s outside smoking a cigarette. We like to tease our mom that she’s secretly smoking pot.)

Sister #1: “Hey, [Sister #2], when Mom comes back in, ask her why she was smoking a doobie.”

Sister #2: “What?”

Me: “We promise we’re not making you say anything bad. She’ll probably either think it’s hysterical or ask us what we’re telling you.”

(Mom comes back in.)

Sister #2: “Mom, why are you smoking a dookie?”

Mom: “What?! What are you both telling her?!”

(We had to explain to her over our own hysterical laughter that that wasn’t quite what we’d told her to say.)

Roll On The Wrong Floor Laughing

| London, England, UK | Parents & Guardians

(We are staying in a hotel for a night then boarding a plane. Mum comes through the door from the stairs.)

Mum: “I feel really bad.”

Me: “Why?”

Mum: “I got into a lift with a family, pressed our floor number, saw they were going down and not up and quickly got out again. But when I got out I saw that they were going up to my floor number. They’re probably cursing me right now.”

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