Pretty Demanding In Pink

| Scotland, UK | Sons & Daughters

(My daughter is four years old.)

Daughter: “What’s your favourite colour, mummy?”

Me: “Purple.”

Daughter: “No. Try again.”

Me: “Blue?”

Daughter: “No, it’s pink!”


The Blanket Term For Adorableness

| UT, USA | Sons & Daughters

(I’m cuddling with my toddler at bedtime. He’s sleeping with one of my old baby blankets. He likes to talk about people being little babies.)

Me: “[Son], did you know this used to be my blanket when I was a little baby?”

Son: “Yeah. I was a baby, and you were a baby, and we were little babies together!” *hugs me*


Ultra Ultron Adorable

| Harford County, MD, USA | Popular, Sons & Daughters

(My daughter is two, and against my better judgment, she has seen the opening scene of ‘Avengers: Age of Ultron.’ We are at the store and I’m talking to an employee.)

Me: “[Daughter], can you say hello?”

Daughter: “HULK SMASH!” *growls and holds her fists up*

Me: “Oh, h***.”