Parenting Is Magic

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(After watching a bit of “My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic,” my toddler wants to go outside mid-episode. While we are outside my sister walks into the living room to see the TV still tuned to the show. My mom and my husband are sitting on the couch watching it.)

Sister: “You know the baby’s outside now, right? You can turn it off.”


Insane With The Propane

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(My mom loves hiking so I offer to go on a hike with her for Mother’s day. She and my dad used to hike all the time in California with their friends in college.)

Mom: “Did I ever tell you about the time we were hiking in the Sierra Nevadas and starting burping up White Gas?”

Me: “Wait, what? No, you haven’t.”

Mom: “Oh, well we we spent all day hiking and during our breaks we would eat our GORP and…”

Me: “Wait, what is GORP?”

Mom: “Oh, it’s what we called trail mix. So we would eat that as a snack, but little did we know that our propane for the fire had leaked into the GORP. So for the whole day as we were hiking we were burping up White Gas.”

Me: “Wow, okay. Is this the same time that you made a cheesecake on top of a mountain?”

Mom: “Oh, no, that was a different trip. That was while I was pregnant with your brother.”

(My mom is a hiking fiend.)


Needs An Intimidation Demonstration

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(I am eating a hamburger and one of our cats jumps up on the table and attempts to get at it. I hiss at her, but she is undeterred.)

Me: *to sibling* “Google how to effectively intimidate a cat!”

Sibling: “Well, it obviously isn’t what you were just doing.”