I Find Your Lack Of Parenting Skills… Disturbing

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(My sister has four kids, one with autism and all very energetic and wild, so visits tend to be chaotic. While my sister is usually good about keeping the kids away from breakables, things occasionally do end up destroyed, so I try to pack up the more valuable/fragile items before visits. So it’s a shock when I come home from work to find my nephew with one of my expensive Star Wars books in his hands, eating as he reads.)

Me: “Um… where did he get that book?”

Sister: “Oh, he wanted to look at it so I got it off the bookshelf. It’s not a problem, is it?”

Me: “That book is expensive, AND it’s been signed by three of the Star Wars actors. Can’t he look at a different book?”

Sister: “What’s the problem? I’m right here with him. He can’t hurt it.”

Me: “He’s eating ramen noodles while he reads!”

Sister: “It’s okay, I’m right here. Nothing will happen!”

(Nobody seemed to understand why I was upset that of all the kid-friendly Star Wars books I had available for him, my sister chose the expensive and — thanks to the autographs — irreplaceable one to give him. As soon as he was done with it I ended up hiding it, and it’s probably going to stay packed up whenever they visit from now on.)


I’ll Have A Rom-Com With Cheese

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(My teenage sister and I are trying to decide what to watch next on a Friday night in. We are skimming through Amazon videos and watching trailers. I’m trying to convince her to watch a rom-com, so I play the trailer for one that sounds interesting. Needless to say, the story line seems a bit sappy.)

Sister: “Nope, way too cheesy. Heck, that looks so cheesy, they probably had to put fries underneath it to deal with all the cheese!”

Me: *after I can breathe from laughing so hard* “This is so going on Not Always Related!”


Tabling A Discussion On Parenting

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(My 13-year-old son had been playing on his tablet for several hours when I needed his help.)

Me: “You need to turn that off and actually do something. Set up the folding table.”

Son: “Fine.”

(He is getting the table set up, but is having small difficulties.)

Son: “Is there a word for when you get increasingly frustrated dealing with an inanimate object?”

Me: “Parenting.”

(He shares my sense of humor, so his attempt to look offended was ruined by the fact that he was trying not to laugh.)


They’re Nun The Wiser

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(My sister and I are fond of the show ‘Madeline’. While watching with our mom, my sister points out Miss Clavel, the nun character.)

Sister: “She’s such a sweet, nice lady. Why doesn’t she have a boyfriend?”

(It wasn’t until years later that she realized why our mom laughed at her.)


It’s All Gone To The Dogs

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(My sister and I have recently bought a new female puppy.)

Sister: *holds puppy up next to her face* “Don’t we look alike?”

Me: “I always knew you were a bitch.”