Absolutely Teddifying

| India | Siblings

(I love soft toys and my room is full of them. I don’t like children much. I am with my sister and holding a teddy bear.)

Me: “I wish my teddy can talk and also jump in my arms when it see me.”

Sister: “It’s a teddy, not a kid. And it will actually be scary if your teddy can jump and talk on its own, like it is possessed.”

Me: “Considering my dislike for kids, a jumping and talking kid would be more scary than a teddy.”


Being Odd Puts The Odds Against You

| USA | Parents & Guardians

(My family generally eats rather late due to my dad’s work. On this particular night, I am especially hungry due to not having eaten earlier.)

Me: *to Mom* “When’s dinner going to be done?”

Mom: “It’s cooking.”

(Somehow the conversation turns into this gem;)

Me: “We appreciate you. You’re fabulous! Can I have food now?”

Dad: “You probably should have stopped at fabulous.”

All Those Commercials Are To Make You Want Chips

| MA, USA | Parents & Guardians, Popular

(I am female, and came out to my dad a little over ten years ago. We’re watching a comedy station shortly after and some of the commercials are a bit risqué, depicting scantily clad women. I don’t want my dad to feel weird because he’s accepted me but I’m not trying to throw it in his face so I’ve been getting up when the show breaks and pacing the kitchen. Around the fourth commercial break I sigh and get up again.)

Dad: “Hey, while you’re in there trying not to make it obvious you’re pacing anxiously, could you bring me a bag of chips?”