Conversations Of An Adult Nature

| CA, USA | Grandparents, Popular

(My grandmother and I are driving in her car. We are talking about my girlfriend and me. I am 18 and legally an adult. My grandmother is highly religious while I am not.)

Grandma: “So how are you and that girlfriend of yours getting along?”

Me: “Great! I’m so lucky to have her in my life! She’s everything I’ve ever wanted and more!”

Grandma: “You know I don’t like that she’s non-religious, right? You really should be dating a Catholic girl. It’s only right to stay within your faith.”

Me: “Aren’t you married to a non-Catholic man?”

Grandma: “Well, yes. But that’s different. He’s an adult and can make his own decisions.”

Me: “Well, so am I.”

(When I told my girlfriend about this, the first thing she did was dig through her family photo album and find pictures of her Catholic baptism. My grandma was a lot more accepting of her after that.)


Skating Around The Actual Disaster

| Finland | Popular, Sons & Daughters, Spouses & Partners

(My daughter’s school has called me at work to tell me that she fell and hurt her head. Her grandmother has already picked her up and taken her to the health center. My husband and I are on our way to meet them. Two things should be noted: my daughter had an ice skating lesson that day, and she’s also rather accident-prone.)

Husband: “What happened? Did [Daughter] get hurt ice skating?”

Me: “No, she had a helmet on for that. She fell down walking. Inside.”

Husband: “Figures. Classic [Daughter].”

(She was OK, and also laughs about it now.)


My Family And Other Shapely Animals

| NM, USA | Siblings

(We are driving through a section of New Mexico where there isn’t a lot to see. My brother notices something out of his window.)

Brother: “Hey, look! A cow!”

Me: “That’s a horse.”

Brother: “I don’t really know my shapes.”

Me: “…”

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