Needs To Adopt The Ability To Listen!

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(I worked in the crèche at a family camp during the summer. We had a strict “no photo” rule as part of our safeguarding policy. The day before the crèche opens, parents come to register their children.)

Me: “Hello, welcome to the crèche. Have you filled in the registration form?”

Mother: “Yes. It’s really important that nobody takes any photos of [Child], because he’s adopted.”

Me: “That’s fine; we never take photos in the crèche.”

Mother: “I don’t just mean that the photos can’t go online. Even for internal stuff, he can’t have his photo displayed.”

Me: “I understand. We won’t take any photos.”

Mother: “Even if he’s in the background, you’ve got to delete the photo. Can you make sure all of the staff know?”

Me: “Yes, nobody will take any photos. We never take photos in the crèche; it’s part of our safeguarding policy.”

Mother: “Because it’s really important that we keep [Child] safe.”

Me: “Yes, I understand. Now, does [Child] have any medical issues or allergies we need to be aware of?”

Mother: “He’s adopted.”

Me: “Yes…”

Mother: “So it’s really important that he’s not in any photos.”

Me: “If you go to the next desk, my colleague will give you an ID card so that only people you authorise can pick [Child] up.”

Mother: “It could be really dangerous if any photos of [Child] were published.”

It Runs, And Trips, In The Family

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(A few days before the camp where I have been working is finished for the summer I am diagnosed with a concussion, and am rather disappointed that I have to go home just before finishing. The concussion was due to someone careening off the slip and slide and taking me out. It’s also worth noting that I have developed a reputation at camp for being accident-prone.)

Me: “Hi, Mom!”

(She waves as she gets out of the car and approaches the porch where I’m standing. She attempts to step onto it, and promptly trips, sprawling across the porch rather splendidly.)

People With Me: “Oh, my word, are you okay?”

(Meanwhile, the camp director is desperately trying to stifle his laughter.)

Mom: *popping back up* “Yup!”

Me: *turning to the others and gesturing towards my mom* “Now you understand!”

Providing Extra Aid

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(I am at summer camp and everyone is unpacking their things.)

Girl #1: “My mom labeled everything. She even labeled my band-aids.”

Girl #2: “Maybe she doesn’t want anyone taking your box.”

Girl #1: “Yeah, but don’t you find this kind of excessive?” *she empties the box to reveal each individual band-aid is labeled…*

Doesn’t Take A Genius To Crack The Code

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(I am camping with several members of my extended family and their children. I’m talking with some of the cousins near the fire pit during a marshmallow roast.)

Cousin: “I’ve cracked the code. Any time a sentence begins with “look, mom” or “I’m a genius”, that’s my cue to intervene.”

(At that moment, one of her sons runs towards the fire pit with a plastic bottle full of marshmallows taped to a tree branch.)

Cousin’s Son: “Look, mom! I’m a genius!”

Cousin: *to us* “I’ll be right back.”

Get Him Into A Pinch Of Trouble

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(I am six, I am dealing with a bully who often pinches me while I am at day camp. I tell my dad about this and, having an “eye for an eye” philosophy, this is his response:)

Dad: “If [Bully] ever pinches you again, give her a taste of her medicine and pinch her right back.”

Me: “Umm… okay.”

(Being the quiet and innocent girl I am, I never take my dad’s advice. For the rest of the week, we have conversations that go like this:)

Dad: “Did [Bully] pinch you?”

Me: “Yes…”

Dad: “Did you pinch her back?”

Me: “No…”

(We have this conversation every day until one day when parents are asked to pick me and the others up at a pool near the day camp. When my dad comes to get me, I swim to the other end of the pool and pinch the bully, even though she doesn’t pinch me before that day.)

Bully: “Owww…”

Me: “See, Dad? I pinched [Bully] just like you told me to!”

Dad: “Umm…” *nervously glances at the counselors*

(I don’t remember what happened afterwards, but my dad did have a long talk with me afterwards.)

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