Providing Extra Aid

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(I am at summer camp and everyone is unpacking their things.)

Girl #1: “My mom labeled everything. She even labeled my band-aids.”

Girl #2: “Maybe she doesn’t want anyone taking your box.”

Girl #1: “Yeah, but don’t you find this kind of excessive?” *she empties the box to reveal each individual band-aid is labeled…*


Doesn’t Take A Genius To Crack The Code

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(I am camping with several members of my extended family and their children. I’m talking with some of the cousins near the fire pit during a marshmallow roast.)

Cousin: “I’ve cracked the code. Any time a sentence begins with “look, mom” or “I’m a genius”, that’s my cue to intervene.”

(At that moment, one of her sons runs towards the fire pit with a plastic bottle full of marshmallows taped to a tree branch.)

Cousin’s Son: “Look, mom! I’m a genius!”

Cousin: *to us* “I’ll be right back.”

Get Him Into A Pinch Of Trouble

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(I am six, I am dealing with a bully who often pinches me while I am at day camp. I tell my dad about this and, having an “eye for an eye” philosophy, this is his response:)

Dad: “If [Bully] ever pinches you again, give her a taste of her medicine and pinch her right back.”

Me: “Umm… okay.”

(Being the quiet and innocent girl I am, I never take my dad’s advice. For the rest of the week, we have conversations that go like this:)

Dad: “Did [Bully] pinch you?”

Me: “Yes…”

Dad: “Did you pinch her back?”

Me: “No…”

(We have this conversation every day until one day when parents are asked to pick me and the others up at a pool near the day camp. When my dad comes to get me, I swim to the other end of the pool and pinch the bully, even though she doesn’t pinch me before that day.)

Bully: “Owww…”

Me: “See, Dad? I pinched [Bully] just like you told me to!”

Dad: “Umm…” *nervously glances at the counselors*

(I don’t remember what happened afterwards, but my dad did have a long talk with me afterwards.)

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