Sprouting Common Sense

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(My dad is very intelligent but somehow manages to do daft things. He is relating to me the story of his work’s Christmas dinner when the following happens:)

Dad: “It was really very good. They had a great vegetarian option and I got plenty of brussels sprouts!”

Me: “Well, great. I know you like sprouts.”

Dad: “Yes, but they took it away before I was finished!”

Me: “That’s terrible. Was there some kind of time limit on how long you could have your sitting?”

Dad: “Not that I knew… Everyone else was on dessert but I was still working on my main course, so I got up to speak to people who had finished and when I came back it was gone!”

(It can sometimes take him AGES to eat a meal. Since he doesn’t like sweets or desserts he will usually make his main course last the length of the whole meal.)

Me: “Dad… let me get this right. You got up from your seat in the middle of a meal, walked around talking to other people who had finished their meals, and were surprised that the wait staff took this as an indication you had finished?”

Dad: “But… uh… um, right… That does make sense!”

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