She’ll Understand The Irony, Next Time

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(I have just come home from the hairdressers, my mum has always been quite particular about my hair.)

Mum: “Oh, no! You let the make your hair all shaggy!”

Me: “I got it layered, it’s only a little bit. It makes it so my hair isn’t so boring.”

Mum: “You shouldn’t get it shaggy because if you want anything different done with it next time, then they’ll have to cut it really short.”

Me: “The shortest layer is still well below my shoulder and your logic is lacking.”

Mum: “There’s nothing wrong with my logic.”

Me: “If I do what you say, then I’ll never do anything different with my hair, because there will always be a next time.”

Mum: “That’s why you should never get it cut like that! Now you’ll have to have it cut really short next time!”

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