Red To Keep You In The Black

| Cape Cod, MA, USA | Siblings

(My youngest sister is away at graduate school overseas and starts IMing me.)

Sister: “I need to back up my data and get it from my old laptop to a new computer. You’re the best at computery stuff. Can you help me?”

Me: “Sure.” *we go over various options*

Sister: “Okay, so it looks like I want the portable HDD, rather than the thumb drive.”

Me: “The best option is probably this one, then.” *link*

Sister: “Looks good! Just have it shipped to Mom and I’ll get it when I’m home at Christmas.”

Me: “They have it available in different colors, which one would you prefer?”

Sister: “Cheap.”

Me: “…”

Sister: “You expected something different from a daughter of [Dad]?”

Me: “No. They’re all the same price.”

Sister: “Oh. In that case, red.”


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