Rage Against The Machine

| Buenos Aires, Argentina | Siblings, Theme Of The Month

(I’m at home with my mom and my younger sister. My sister is in her bedroom with the door locked. Suddenly, my mom and I hear her screaming.)

Sister: “You idiot! I hate you, what a piece of s*** you are! I never should have compromised with you! You told me yesterday was the first time that it happened to you, and you know what? I know you’re lying!

(We hear a loud bang, so I go check on her. When I enter the room, I see her with her forehead against the computer monitor, while she keeps yelling obscenities.)

Me: “What’s happening? Are you talking to your boyfriend?”

Sister: “No…” *bangs her forehead against the monitor repeatedly*

Me: “Then, why are you yelling?!”

Sister: “The computer keeps freezing!”

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