Prime Parking, Divisible By Fun

| Parents & Guardians, Siblings, Sons & Daughters

(My family is driving home from dinner on Father’s Day. My dad and I both have the same sense of humor; we enjoy making everything we can into a groaner joke or pun. My mom and brother get to hear them and have learned to bear with us and ignore most of them. My dad is pulling out of a parking lot, and is referring to a sign directing people to additional parking.)

Dad: “Don’t they realize that all parking is additional parking? I mean, I’ve never heard of subtractional parking.”

(I crack up, and my mom and brother roll their eyes and go back to what they were doing.)

Me: “Of course, divisional parking is where they put the remainder.”

Dad: “And, with this we must realize the absolute value of parking.”

Brother: “And, this is how we know you’re related.”

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