Pool Dive High Five

| Children, Cousins

(I’m spending some time with my younger cousins at their pool. My cousins are brothers, 2 and 8 years old. I’m 11. Suddenly, a kid a few inches bigger than the older brother starts picking on the him, right next to the pool.)

8-year-old Cousin: “C’mon, stop it!”

Kid: “Make me!” *lightly shoves my 8-year-old cousin*

(I start to get up to break this up when my 2-year-old cousin takes matters into his own teeny-weeny hands.)

2-year-old Cousin: “Leave my brother alone!” *pushes kid into the pool*

(I decide as the oldest of the group, that it was time for us to go, but not before giving the little one a high five.)

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