Gorillas And Cows And Fires, Oh My

| VA, USA | Popular, Siblings

(My brother enjoys talking aloud while he plays games on his Kindle Fire. This one got a little weird.)

Brother: “No, no, no! Bad gorilla! Maxwell, can’t you stop creating things for five seconds? Holy crap, giant cow!”

Me: “You know I’m emailing my friend everything you’re saying right now, right?”

Brother: “Oh, my gosh! Oh, my gosh! Oh, my gosh! IT’S ON FIRE!”

(It took me a second to reassure myself that he was still playing the game.)

Getting The Sense That It Is Time To Wake Up

| AZ, USA | Siblings

(I am on vacation at my cousin’s house with my brother and parents. My cousins have dog, and I am sleeping. I feel something on my face and assume it is my mother waking me up.)

Me: “I’m awake, I’m– WHOA!”

(It is not my mother; it is the dog, who is now on my chest and staring intently at me. I look at my brother, who shrugs.)

Brother: “It happened to me, too. This dog must have super senses!”

(The dog sits contentedly between us and lets us pet her for about five minutes, when suddenly her ears perk and she zooms out of the room like a shot.)

Brother: “I told you, super senses!”


It’s Bark Is Worse Than Its Flight

| Japan | Pets & Animals, Popular, Siblings

(My family recently got a dog who does not like to be alone. When we leave the house, we leave her in a gated hallway. The gate is about three times her height. My family returned one day to her out of her kennel. Nothing had happened except there was a dark pee spot on the floor.)

Dad: “How did she jump that?”

Brother: “Maybe she can fly? She probably climbed it, though…”

(Two days later. We have improved the hallway and the gate is now about four or five times her height. We come home again to find her out of her hall, and another pee spot two inches from the other.)

Dad: “I think she squirmed through this space.”

Mom: “That space!? But it’s three inches wide!”

Brother: “I’m still not ruling out the possibility of flying.”