A Conversational Dissection

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(When talking about switching disks on the console:)

Me: “Ejection!”

Daughter: “Rejection!”

Me: “Objection!”

Husband: “Dejection.”

Daughter: “That actually works in that order!”


Wants Some Worthy Competitiveness

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(I’m playing a video game with my dad. Despite that the object of the game focuses on teamwork, he likes to be competitive about everything.)

Dad: *boastfully* “Look, I’m doing so much better than you!”

Me: *calmly* “Okay.”

Dad: “It says I have more kills than you, I didn’t die as many times, and I survived to the end and you didn’t!”

Me: “Cool. Want to play again?”

Dad: “Why aren’t you upset?”

Me: “Why do you want me to be upset? It’s just a game.”

(The second time around I actually manage to do far better than my dad.)

Dad: “All right… I guess you beat me this time.”

Me: “Cool. You want to play again?”

Dad: “Why aren’t you getting excited and rubbing it in my face?”

Sister: “Has it maybe occurred to you that she’s playing because she thinks it’s fun and doesn’t really care who’s doing better?”

(I later got yelled at for not making a huge deal out of the fact that I was apparently “winning.” I don’t play many games with my dad anymore.)


Don’t Be Left Holding The Baby

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(I am pregnant, which means I am unfortunately more inclined to fart than normal.)

Me: *lets out a noisy one*

Sister: “That’s just the baby talking.”

Me: “Baby needs a breath mint.”