I Sniff Out A New TV Show

| Delano, CA, USA | Siblings

(My mom, older brother, and I are visiting our grandmother, mom’s mother. I saw a sign that said ‘First Name Wolf for Judge.’ While we drive by a bank, my brother apparently sees another sign.)

Brother: “I saw ‘[First Name] Wolf for Judge.’ I thought they should put under it, ‘He will sniff out the justice.'”

Me: *starts laughing*


I’ll Have A Rom-Com With Cheese

| Norman, OK, USA | Siblings

(My teenage sister and I are trying to decide what to watch next on a Friday night in. We are skimming through Amazon videos and watching trailers. I’m trying to convince her to watch a rom-com, so I play the trailer for one that sounds interesting. Needless to say, the story line seems a bit sappy.)

Sister: “Nope, way too cheesy. Heck, that looks so cheesy, they probably had to put fries underneath it to deal with all the cheese!”

Me: *after I can breathe from laughing so hard* “This is so going on Not Always Related!”


Tabling A Discussion On Parenting

| PA, USA | Parents & Guardians, Popular, Sons & Daughters

(My 13-year-old son had been playing on his tablet for several hours when I needed his help.)

Me: “You need to turn that off and actually do something. Set up the folding table.”

Son: “Fine.”

(He is getting the table set up, but is having small difficulties.)

Son: “Is there a word for when you get increasingly frustrated dealing with an inanimate object?”

Me: “Parenting.”

(He shares my sense of humor, so his attempt to look offended was ruined by the fact that he was trying not to laugh.)


How To Talk Them Out Of Wanting Candy

| Lafayette, LA, USA | Children

(I’m ringing out a woman and her son, who is trying to convince his mom to buy more candy and commenting on random candies he can see at his height.)

Boy: “An’ that’s Pop Rocks. It pops in your mouth!”

Mother: “Mm-hmm.”

Boy: “If I eat them will my head ‘splode off?”

Mother: “Yes, that’s exactly what will happen.”


They’re Nun The Wiser

| Allentown, PA, USA | Popular, Siblings

(My sister and I are fond of the show ‘Madeline’. While watching with our mom, my sister points out Miss Clavel, the nun character.)

Sister: “She’s such a sweet, nice lady. Why doesn’t she have a boyfriend?”

(It wasn’t until years later that she realized why our mom laughed at her.)