Not So SIMple

| Siblings

(My sister is playing the new ‘Sims’ game for the first time. She is used to the older versions of Sims, so she is nervous about the new gameplay interface. My sister panics easily under pressure.)

Me: “Okay, if you want to buy stuff for your house, open the Build and Buy menu.”

Sister: *opens menu* “Oh, okay.”

Me: “It’s pretty self explanatory from there, so I’m going to go help daddy for a little while.”

(I come back 10 minutes later.)

Sister: *shouting* “There you are!”

Me: “What?”

Sister: *still shouting* “Where are the counters!”

Me: “Open the catalog.”

Sister: *continuing to shout* “Where are the chairs?! Where’s the garbage cans?”

Me: “Just go through the cata—”

Sister: *interrupting* “I kept selling things by accident and I didn’t know what I sold!”

Me: “Just calmly go through the item catalog—”

Sister: *interrupting* “I THINK I SOLD ONE OF MY SIMS BY ACCIDENT!”

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