Not Impressed With The Need To Dress

| Fargo, ND, USA | Grandchildren, Grandparents, Pets & Animals

(My mom and my 3-year-old son are having a conversation. My mom has just gone downstairs to throw in some laundry and when she comes back up; she finds my son completely stripped down to nothing.)

Grandma: “Baby, why are you naked?”

Son: “Cause I like being naked, Grandma!” *he does a little hip shimmy*

Grandma: “Well, you have to put your clothes back on!”

Son: “Why?”

(At this time, my mom looks out the window and sees the stray cat that she feeds outside. My son has affectionately named him ‘Honey’, and loves to pet him whenever he comes around.)

Grandma: “Because Honey is outside, and you can’t go pet him if you’re not wearing any clothes!”

Son: “Why can’t I go outside naked?”

Grandma: “Because the cops will come!”

Son: *starts running around the house, singing* “BREAKING THE LAW!

(At this point I don’t if I should be upset he wouldn’t get dressed, or proud that at the age of 3 he knew the lyrics of a ‘Judas Priest’ song.)

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