No Need To Scream For Ice Cream

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(I am about 6 years old. I have never thrown a single tantrum. I guess I just never saw the point. We have just finished lunch, and I see my favorite ice cream shop across the road.)

Me: “Mummy, if I cant have an ice cream from that shop, I’m going to throw a tantrum right here on the road.”

Mum: *cracks up laughing* “That I’d like to see. You’ve never thrown a tantrum in your life! Do you even know how?”

Me: “I could try?”

Mum: “Don’t bother. I want an ice cream too.”

Dad: “We’re running late. We’ll get one when we get home.”

Mum: *stamps foot* “No! Ice cream!”

(We both ran away from dad. I love my mum!)

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