Love And Ice-Cream Is As Paramount As Love Of Ice-cream

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(It’s Father’s Day. A gay couple and their kids walk into the store and get a bit of a cold reception from the employee behind the register. A boy at one of the tables, 5 years old or so, is watching this.)

Boy: “Mommy, why does that family have two daddies?”

(The kid was kind of loud, and the gay couple look over, expecting a bad reaction.)

Mom: “Sweetie, some families have two mommies, or two daddies, or only one mommy or daddy. Not every family is like our family, and whatever their family is like, that’s okay.”

Boy: “It’s okay to have two daddies?”

Mom: “Yes, it’s okay to have two daddies. They’re allowed to love whoever they want, just like everybody else.”

Boy: “Really?”

Mom: “Yep.”

Boy: “Okay.”

(The kid finishes ice cream quietly.)

Boy: “…Mommy?”

Mom: “Yes, dear?”

Boy: “If I had two daddies, would I get two ice creams on Father’s Day?”

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