Heir-Raising Stuff

| Buffalo, NY, USA | Children, Cousins, Sons & Daughters

(I am the author of this story. My young cousins are playing with my adopted daughter, who has recently started speaking. She has bright red hair, whereas me and my wife are brunettes.)

Cousin #1: “You can play with this dolly. She has pretty hair like you.”

My Daughter:Pit air!”

Cousin #2: *to me* “Why does [daughter] have prettier hair? My mom says that I got my hair from her, and you got yours from Uncle.”

Me: “Remember how we told you that she came from someone else, and they gave her to us? She can’t get her hair from me.”

Cousin #1: turning to her mom* “Mommy, can you give me to someone else so that I can have pretty hair?”

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