He Will Need Longer Genes

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(I am sitting in the passenger seat with my dad driving and my mom in the back seat.)

Dad: *to me* “You have adjusted the seat as if you have long legs.”

Me: “I have a short torso and long legs. My friend has a long torso and short legs.”

Mom: “I am proportionally correct.”

Me: “It’s better to have short legs and long torso as a guy. Creates nice proportion when you’re a guy.”

Dad: “No such thing.”

Mom: “I am proportionally correct.”

Me: *wags my finger to my dad* “Someone contributed too much!”

Mom: “Must be your dad.”

Dad: “Okay, okay. It’s me.”

Mom: “I am proportionally correct.”

Dad: “I was being politically correct when I said okay.”

Mom: “Agree to disagree!”

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