Girl With The Dragon Tattoo

| USA | Aunts & Uncles, Cousins, Parents & Guardians

(My staunchly conservative uncle is visiting, and he does not like me at all. I’m still required to join the family for brunch. It doesn’t take him long to start on me, and this time I really am not willing to put up with it.)

Uncle: *to my father, as if I’m not there* “I just can’t believe you let her cut her hair so short. Girls should have long hair.”

Me: *to my uncle* “Oh, yes. Well, we voiced our opinion on that and she did it anyway, because we recognize that as it’s her hair, it was her decision to make.”

Uncle: *ignoring me* “And those tattoos. I know my daughter has some, but hers are so… well, most of them are just not very feminine.”

Me: *to my uncle, and very annoyed by now* “Actually, Uncle, I designed most of these myself. I didn’t make them overly feminine because that isn’t who I am as a person. They represent me, and things that I’ve been through so far and the experiences I’ve had that were either traumatic or memorable. The way I look is entirely up to me. Who cares what other people think I should look like, just because I’m female?”

Uncle: *still ignoring me* “It’ll be awfully hard for her to find someone to marry her now. At least my daughters are good girls.”

Dad: “Didn’t your daughter just get married because she was pregnant?”

Uncle: “But she married the father!”

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