Ghosts Can Make You Chicken

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(I am chuckling while reading the paper. I am reading an article about malapropisms, where people get clichés wrong. Instead of the phrase ‘screaming like a banshee’, they would say ‘running around like a banshee’, or ‘jumping like a banshee’. A banshee is an Irish ghost that’s known for screaming or wailing. As my family is Irish, I figured my mom would know this.)

Me: “Get this. This person used the phrase ‘jumping around like a banshee’.”

Mom: “Well, that’s what they do.”

(I look puzzled.)

Mom: “They jump up and down.”

Me: “Mom, banshees scream.”

Mom: “Right, they scream, and they hop up and down.”

Me: *exasperated* “Mom, do you know what a banshee is?”

Mom: “It’s like a chicken, but smaller!”

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