Finger Zinger

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(My family is going through some photo albums of my sister and I as babies. My mom comes across a picture of me.)

Sister: “Oh my God. You had the biggest head.”

Me: “My head wasn’t that big, was it?”

Mom: “Actually, it was. You may not remember this, but your head was so big and heavy that you used to topple over because your body couldn’t balance the weight. We even tried to counter-balance you with pillows!”

(My entire family is now in hysterics.)

Mom: “And then, your sister had to sit next to you all the time and push your head back up so you wouldn’t fall off the couch!”

Sister: “I can just imagine what little baby-you was thinking!” *goes into a baby voice* “Oh, no! I’m falling over! Oh, no! Oh, no!” *pokes my head* “Oh, yay! The magic finger saved me again! Thank you, magic finger!”

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