Drenched In Just Desserts

| Falkirk, Scotland, UK | Parents & Guardians

(I’m 11 years old, and coming home from school. I enter the garden to see my bedroom window—the one above the front door—wide open. Thinking nothing of it, I go to the door and find it locked. I immediately hear some muffled giggling.)

Me: “Hey, is anyone there?”

Dad: “Yeah, give me a minute!”

(All of a sudden, a bucketful of water falls from the window right in front of me. I get only my shoes wet, prompting a loud swear from my dad and his friend, who had been sitting there for twenty minutes. The next day, I meet my dad and his second friend as I’m getting home. As he gets to the door, I’m locking the gate. My Dad finds the door locked, leading to him getting doused in water from
the same window by the friend from the day before.)

Dad: *turning to me* “Not. A. Word.”

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