Doctor Who Is Also A Gynaecologist

| WI, USA | Grandparents, Holidays

(This happened during Christmas with my mother’s side of the family. Every year we each get a name for the person we’re supposed to get a gift for. This year my grandmother has my name. I open my present to find a Sonic Screwdriver and the “Day of the Doctor” special. I’m a big Doctor Who fan.)

Me: *playing around with the Sonic Screwdriver and totally geeking out*

Grandmother: *not realizing what she’s saying* “Now, don’t take that to bed with you and play with it all night long.”

(Everyone else in the room cracks up.)

Me: *turning beet red*

Grandma: *confused as to why everyone’s laughing*

Mom: *trying not to laugh* “Yeah, our bedroom is right next to yours. We might hear you.”

Me: *turns even redder*

(To this day, my grandmother still doesn’t get why what she said that was so funny.)

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